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_Origin: Greek
Beautiful thinking; a well mind

Eunoia was once a land of one ruler, King Aeon a Half-Elf who made it his purpose in life to give his people a reason to love their country. By the age of 40 he had convinced the world of his abilities and before long the whole land stood before him, he did not conquer but instead won them with love and diplomacy and for this they loved him. But alas half-elves do not live forever and in his 167 year Aeon fell dead.

Since then 200 years have passed and the land has been in turmoil. 3 Countries now compete for power Numinous in the South, the land of Humans, Elves and Half-elves a diplomatic society. Selcouth in the west, ruled by Teiflings who have enslaved the local halflings with magic and run a dictatorship, and Saudade in the north the land of dwarfs a monarchy.

Between these 3 lands lies Terra Nullius the warzone of our 3 nations and home to any number of abandoned settlements and monsters.

Home Page

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